Hey Toddlers, Kids, Youth, Parents, Grand-Parents, Your Friends, My Friends, Friends of Friends!

For everyone reading this, the D-day to celebrate friendship arrives right here - 5th August – Sunday – Friendship Day!

Get hold of your best smelling flowers, fancy wrist bands, nostalgic photo albums, old school coffee mugs that you wish to offer to your best buddies.

Alternatively, have your thoughts written down to convey your affection on social platforms, should you miss a chance to meet them in-person!

They were the little atoms that made you a ‘molecule’. Sounds scientific, but that’s the science behind.

You evolved from a fancy jerk to the human you are as they were around to groom, help, guide, comfort, mentor and direct you. They showed you light around darkness, had their stuff shared (just because you couldn’t afford), completed your assignments (at times!), had you a girl/boyfriend (just because you couldn’t approach)!

Yes, I perfectly understand that you make a connect with all these incidences, with someone crazy involved.

Find them. Make a re-connect. They will have happy tears having seen you or by hearing your voice. Good old days are back! Bang!

Every one of us wishes to head back to childhood days. But alas! Could we ever do that? Can we ever rewind our time and cherish the moments we relished together, knowing nothing about the terror words ‘future’, ‘career’ and other mind-boggling jargons?

If we can’t rewind back, I can comprehensively say, ‘Tech is still developing’!
Though they have, in all faith, given me mediums to connect, express, find my lost sketch pens. The colors they brought to my life, were, forever unique!
Help yourself by surfing through your old school diaries, who smell just like your friends, memorable yet lost. Surf through your contact list, lost emails (those early days when you fancied having an email) records in your email accounts, call / buzz / poke / ping them, now you have smartphones, tons of apps to filter or locate them out.

Thanking them is a thankless job! Holy shit, this day seems definitely important and worth celebrating.

Man, I want to get up and hug them tight right now.

Though one bravest stuff that happens around all this ho-ha – it falls on 1st Sunday of August every year! Saves me from straining my brain cells!

Think On

Each and every one of us have shades of friends, your life is already a friendship day each day. Talking to your buddies daily, hanging out with them every alternate day, watching movies, night-stays and what not.

Trust me, even you fancied going college with them (or for them!)
So, to speak, everyone is basically with them all the time! They are your extended non- blood family, through your ups and downs. Bonds that have been crafted out of complete no-desire, no expectation, no-egos, humble grounds, pure affinity!

(I just love walking with my friends this way, they complete me!)


Why did it start in the first place? Who the hell was behind this idea? Do people have to really remember their friends on a dedicated day?

It was the founder of Hallmark Cards, Joyce Hall, who started this in 1919.
Initially it was perceived as a marketing gimmick by gifting/greeting companies to promote their products. But later in mid 20th century, the celebrations became event-driven and widespread. Friends and family used to gather and celebrate, over wine and dine!

Nowadays, being “social on internet” is the settled trend. People celebrate it online, with friends who are miles away, lost in memories, just on records.
On the flip side, that keeps you connected on-the-go with your buddies and childhood bonds. You can instantly reach, update, view and know about their well-being.

Winnie - the Pooh was awarded the Global Ambassador of Friendship in 1997!
“A person without friends is just like an unflavored cake, where every friend adds his/her own essence to make the cake awesome”

Everyone’s life is nothing but phases. These phases define your future social circle or network!

• You have your friends from childhood
• You have your friends from teenage / school
• You have your friends from college / bike-sharing / car-pooling
• You have your friends from job / are married / happy singles
• You have your friends from retirement
• You have your friends from the last stage of your life
• You have forever-friends, your parents / grandparents!

Hence, social networks play a vital role in keeping friendships day alive and kicking.

Friendship is an unconditional bond, which you cherish everyday of your life with your friends and family.

Parents of-age tend to be friends with their growing ones, as families shrink, depriving them of siblings. To fill up the vacuum, Gen-Y is adapting to changes.

Tradition, is it?

The day is filled with fun and activities, as friends and groups gather to celebrate and cherish the diamonds of their life.

Though particularly, the behavioural pattern is different among genders when it comes to celebration and showing affection.

The females hand out cards, bands, flowers or hugs. They show their compassion by gathering with their G-Group, gossiping and dining.

The males show their warmth by offering a gushy hug to each other, hanging out with their best buddies, who share common interest and having gala-dine.

Family and Colleagues hold onto to brisk in-house celebration, some preferring country-side short stays with length and breadth of the family around.

To add a commercial aspect to celebrate the bond, people throng to hubs having ‘Friendship Day Celebration’ banners, where you might pounce onto new friends or accidentally meet an old friend. It’s the vibe that makes you level up and admire the enthusiasm around. Live it.

Being a Sunday, you have a lazy 24 hours to celebrate!

Just for information

According to Friendship Day Declaration by United Nations –
“Observe this day in an appropriate manner, in accordance with the culture, and other appropriate circumstances or customs of their local, national and regional communities, including through education and public-awareness raising activities”

They have declared July 30th as International Friendship Day, though it is still celebrated on 1st Sunday of August.

Our take

Yes, Friendship day should be celebrated. To celebrate is an understatement.
The long list of forgotten friends, who have become departed souvenirs, are seemingly best wine in any bottle! Their tender warmth and aura will throw you back to fun-loving nostalgic moments and unfinished chats.

Something which “digital revolution” perhaps can’t do!

This day is a testament to your friends that you stand by them at all times. They helped you stand straight and carve your identity, took you out from troubled waters, though threw you in a pool to make you survive. Thank them in all aspects possible.

Friends (Yes! I want to hug them unconditionally)

Holds True!

If you really want to ‘celebrate’ days, there is one more - ‘National Best Friends Day’ - June 8th

Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day!