Personalised Rectangle Luggage Tag

Rs. 390.00
Tax included.

Flaunts your bags wherever your go with these super cool Custom Luggage Tags. Made with vegan leather, the Rectangular Bag Tags can be personalised with a name. Take the Travel Tag with you on the next adventure.

Enjoy the fullest while securing your bags with the Personalised Luggage tags. The tags not only look good but also help to differentiate your bags from the rest. Gone are the day of using plastic tags with strings. Let our stylish Leather Luggage Tags do the talking.

A pro tip: You can also gift our customized luggage tag to your clients, employees, and customers so that they are reminded of your business every time they travel!

Product Details

  • Dimensions -
  • Material - Synthetic Leather (Vegan)
Delivery Time
  • Shipping is free for all orders above Rs.500
  • A charge of Rs.75 is applied on all orders below Rs.500
  • Estimated Delivery Time : 4 to 8 working days
Care Instructions
  • The Baggage Tag should be handled with clean, dry hands.
  • To clean the leather luggage Tags, use Leather Cleaning Liquid and Microfiber Cloth.  
  • Try to wipe off stains (if any) at the earliest 
  • When not in use, store the Custom Bag Tags in bubble wrap or newspaper to maintain their shape and finish.
  • Store in a dry place away from moisture.
  1. Where to Buy Luggage Tags Online?

A1. Check out The Signature Box for exclusive Custom Luggage Tags made in high-quality vegan leather. 

2. Do I need tags for bags when traveling?

A2. Luggage Tags are a good thing to have if you are flying or traveling in another mode where someone else will be handling your luggage. This reduces the chances of bags being misplaced.

3. Where to get reusable luggage tags?

A3. Check out The Signature Box for exclusive Leather Luggage Tags made that can be customised with name. 

4. What is the size of a luggage tag?

A4. The Signature Box offers customized bag tags with dimensions of 24 cm in length.

5.  What is the Best Gift for Travelling?

A5. Personalized Luggage Tags by The Signature Box are the most preferred gifting option for traveling.