Shout out the call of “Bappa Morya” and let the celebrations commence! With Ganesh Chaturthi almost round the corner, it’s time to prep for welcoming our dear Vighnaharta into our house. But along with Gajanan you must be ready to take on loads of cleaning, decorating, cooking and most importantly, gifting!
Here’s how you can deal with the early September festivity stress and not let it hamper your precious time with Bappa:

Don’t stress about it; list it!

With all the chaos of the celebrations pilling up, it becomes absolutely
overwhelming to accomplish even the most basic of tasks. Here’s a simple way
to deal with your stress: MAKE A LIST. The Signature Box cannot begin to
emphasize how important it is to make a list of your tasks, your to-dos and most
importantly, a list of your guests. When you know the number of people who are
going to attend the festivities at your house, it becomes easier to estimate the
amount of space, snacks, drinks and gifts you’d require for everyone, without
wasting a ton! When you know the number of people you’ll have to host, you’re
planning, and execution becomes almost 10x smoother.

Start 2-3 days prior

Decorating the space has to be one of the first tasks you accomplish on your list. Your decorations must be sorted and hung up before you start preparing for everything else. With decorations out of the way, you’d find much more time to accomplish other tasks with ease. The Signature Box recommends using
sustainable and eco-friendly decorations to light up your house this Ganesh
Chaturthi. Eco-friendly and sustainable decor is easily available, highly affordable and most importantly, it won’t be a burden to the planet. By using sustainable and eco-friendly decor, you’d be doing our planet a favor!

What about presents?

Prioritize presents! Your gifts need to be sorted before you accomplish any other
tasks. Now that you have a list of attendees, you know the exact amount of gifts
that you need to order online. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most important
festivals of the year and your gifts have to reflect that. Worried about how to
order gifts for everyone that are unique and personalised for their individual taste. Take the smart route! Go to The Signature Box’s website and check out the specially curated collection of unique and personalised gifts for your festivities.
Personalise every present to make them unique, effortlessly on with the
collection on The Signature Box’s website. Be smart and order bulk gifts that are
personalised and unique to every style. In addition to that, The Signature Box’s
gift articles are made out of vegan leather thus being sustainable gifts for an eco-friendly celebration.

This year, welcome the Vighnaharta in style with The Signature Box tips and don’t let the celebration stress the best out of you. The Signature Box wishes you a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi in advance!
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