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Personalised Passport Cover
From Rs. 490.00 Rs. 640.00
Brown Coral Blue Hot Pink Rosegold Red Wine Light Blue Light Pink Black Orange Magenta Mustard Grey Beige Dark Blue Gold Dark Pink Green Lilac Dark brown Silver + 18 more
Personalised Travel Folder
From Rs. 440.00 Rs. 870.00
Brown Dark Brown Coral Blue Black Orange Light Pink Rosegold Magenta Wine Grey Dark Blue Red Light Blue Hot Pink Gold Glitter Rust Glitter + 13 more
Personalised Luggage Tag
From Rs. 50.00 Rs. 270.00
Brown with Black Red Dark Brown Black with Brown Rosegold Beige Purple Brown With Dark Brown Black with Wine Dark Blue Maroon Dark Pink + 9 more
Personalised Passport Cover with Button
Rs. 640.00
Brown Black Blue Rosegold Red + 2 more
Personalised Pouch
From Rs. 390.00 Rs. 790.00
Brown Wine Orange Hot Pink Rosegold Black + 3 more
Personalised Diary With Thread
From Rs. 840.00
Brown with Beige Thread Dark Brown with Beige Thread Black with Beige Thread Black with Red Thread Black with Blue thread Grey with Pink Thread Grey with Blue Thread + 4 more
Exclusive Passport Cover
Rs. 740.00
Love to Travel White Marble Black Marble Rust Glitter Black Glitter Gold Glitter Black Checks Black Floral Pink Polka Pink Floral Red Lining + 8 more
Luxury Passport Holder
From Rs. 740.00 Rs. 1,190.00
Brown Coral Blue Hot Pink Rosegold Red Wine Light Blue Light Pink Black Orange Magenta Mustard Grey Beige Dark Blue Gold Dark Pink Green Lilac Dark brown Love to Travel Black Marble White Marble Black Glitter Rust Glitter Gold Glitter + 23 more
Personalised Diary With Button
From Rs. 840.00
Brown Dark Brown Black Grey Dark Pink Light Pink + 3 more
Personalised Business Card Holder
Rs. 470.00
Brown Rosegold Dark Brown Black Grey Light Pink + 3 more
Personalised Men’s Wallet
From Rs. 690.00 Rs. 790.00
Brown Dark Brown Black Brown Pattern Dark Blue Pattern Maroon Pattern + 3 more
Personalised Clutch
Rs. 740.00
Black Light Pink Rosegold
Personalised Earphone Holder
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 290.00
Wine Black Rosegold Hot Pink Neon Green Magenta Mustard + 4 more
Printed Laptop Sleeve
Rs. 390.00 Rs. 1,390.00
Pink Floral Orange Lining Pink Polka Black Lining Blue Polka Black Checks Purple Checks Black Floral + 5 more
Printed Keychain
Rs. 90.00 Rs. 290.00
Purple Checks Black Floral Pink Polka Orange Lining Red Lining + 2 more
Printed Travel Folder
Rs. 840.00
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Orange Lining Black Checks Black Floral
Personalised Rectangle Luggage Tag
Rs. 190.00 Rs. 390.00
Brown Black Dark Blue Rosegold Grey + 2 more
Personalised Keychain
From Rs. 160.00 Rs. 290.00
Brown Mustard Wine Orange Grey Hot Pink Coral Blue Dark Brown Magenta Light Blue Dark Pink Rosegold Red Dark Blue Black Beige Light Pink + 14 more
Printed iPad Sleeve
Rs. 970.00
Orange Lining Blue Polka Pink Polka Checks + 1 more
Coin Pouch
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 230.00
Sold out
Bright Blue Black Neon Green

The Signature Box is your gateway to a world of personalized gifting magic! Equipped with the best of the best high-quality, ethical leather gifts, every handcrafted personalized item for couples, single folks, and everybody in between is unique and fits the receiver’s personality perfectly.   

Explore a treasure trove of quality craftsmanship and endless customization possibilities through personalised gifts. Choose from our wide range of charms, engrave a name or a message on your chosen gifts and create a customized gift that stands out. From personalized passport covers to personalised laptop bags, our collection is a testament to the beauty of tailor-made expressions. 

Elevate celebrations, honour milestones, and create memories that stand the test of time with personalised gifts from combo gift sets to individual gifts. Make our personalized gifts your unique birthday gifts for girlfriend, Valentines gift for husband, customised couple gift, budget-friendly gift for your friends, or a beautiful gift on wedding anniversary; use them for any special occasion, or simply show your appreciation to your loved ones with the nation’s best personalized gifts.  

Dive into the full range of all our products and discover the essence of giving with all your soul. 

What Are Customised Gifts?

Unlocking the art of personal expression, customized gifts redefine the joy of giving. With The Signature Box, customization isn't just an option; it's a journey that transforms ordinary gift ideas into extraordinary keepsakes. 

The process of personalisation varies from request to request. A personal touch can be added to your personalised gifts if you request the addition of a name, a date, or a unique charm to our varied range of personalised leather gifts. These customisations that make personalised gifts special create unique mementoes that reflect the essence of your relationship. 

In our All Products collection, this philosophy of personalization takes centre stage. Each custom present becomes a canvas for expression, allowing you to tailor meaningful gifts to suit individual tastes. From a distinctly personalized diary to a niche combo gift set for her, our offerings are more than just simple gifts—they are innovative ideas for a gift that mirrors your thoughtfulness towards the bond you share. 

Personalised Gifts For Every Special Occasion 

Personalised Passport Cover: An Essential Travel Accessory

For those with perpetual wanderlust, our Personalised Passport Cover Collection is an odyssey into style and functionality, a perfect gift for the travelers. An essential amongst travel accessories for men and gifts for women who travel, the personalised passport cover packs in travel experiences with a touch of personal flair. 

Adorned with your loved one’s name, and a reminiscent charm, each personalised passport cover serves as a narrative of a unique journey, marking it as a travel accessory that needs to be on the list of your ultimate travel gifts.  

Custom Wallet For Men And Women: A Stunning Personalized Wedding Gift Idea 

The union of two souls deserves a tribute, a bridal wedding gift, as enduring as love itself. An ideal personalised gift for couples, our Custom Wallets stand as an epitome of timeless elegance and practicality, making them great wedding gifts. They are popularly known as wonderful wedding presents for brides, best marriage gifts for sisters, and even a special gift for newly married couples, ranking at the top of our wedding ceremony gift ideas. 

From vegan leather to contemporary designs to exclusive personalisation, each wallet is a useful gift for marriage that encapsulates the essence of the special day. Redefine the art of wedding gifting by perusing our wedding collection and discovering the ideal custom wallet as one of the best gifts on wedding to commemorate the journey of love. 

Personalized Birthday Combo Gift Set: An Unforgettable Birthday Gift For Husband Or Wife

Birthdays celebrate a life well lived and birthday gifts are an essential part of them. 

Personalized Birthday Combo Gift Set is a part of those elite customized birthday gifts that are a symphony of thoughtful elements. Known to be a loved birthday gift for women, a cute customized birthday gift for him, and a great choice of birthday gift for wife after marriage, it contains a personalised diary, a custom business card holder, and a ceramic coffee mug. 

Be it custom gifts for him, personalized gifts for him and her, or last-minute surprise gifts, the birthday combo gift set is a distinctive birthday gift that shows your thoughtfulness. For more personalised gift ideas for birthdays, dive into our birthday collection and unfold the joy of presenting a one-of-a-kind birthday surprise.

Personalised Diary With Button: A Cool Gift For Anniversary

Anniversaries mark an important milestone in any relationship. If you’re searching for the perfect gifts to give for anniversary our Personalised Diary with Button is a cool and romantic gift choice. Amongst the presents for an anniversary, the personalised diary, with its customizable covers and neat pages, transforms into a canvas for shared memories. 

Hailed as one of the best anniversary presents for husband and wife and an all-time cool gift for anniversary in general, this diary is also a fantastic Valentine's Day present, becoming a magnificent Valentine's Day gift for spouse. Explore our anniversary collection to discover new ideas for an anniversary gift that becomes a true symbol of your feelings and affection towards your partner.

Personalised Tote Bag: A Unique Gift To Sister For Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan, a celebration of siblinghood, deserves a unique and heartfelt gesture of love. The Personalised Tote Bag, a stunning choice amongst gifts for women, is undoubtedly one of the most unique Gifts to sister for Rakshabandhan. Lovingly customised with her name, the personalised bag is a gift on rakhi for sister that’s a practical yet stylish symbol of your care. A well-loved Raksha Bandhan gift idea for sister, it’s as unique as the cherished relationship you share. 

To delve into personalised rakhi gifts for brother, check out our Gifts For Men collection and find the best rakhi gifts for him. 

Customised Corporate Gift Set: The Best Corporate Gift For Every Festival 

Hunting down the best corporate gifts that will please clients, coworkers, employees, and all other important stakeholders of the company? Corporate gifting takes on a new dimension with our Customised Corporate Gift Set. Recognised as one of the best Diwali gifts, a great company anniversary gift for owners, and a luxury corporate gift for occasions like Christmas and New Year, this combo gift set seamlessly fuses sophistication with thoughtfulness. It’s perfect for a grand celebratory bulk employee gift, renowned as the best Diwali gift hamper, as well as a great gift set for simply showing gratefulness.

All in all, it’s a meaningful gift that’s an opportunity to display your thankful attitude in the modern work environment. Check out our corporate gifting solutions to know more about the exclusive perks and offers of bulk corporate gifts. 

Choose Exclusive Personalised Gifts From The Signature Box

Elevate your gift-giving experience by delving into the world of the latest personalised present ideas for women, personalized gifts for guys, fashionable gifts, gifts on anniversary, and personalized couple gifts at The Signature Box. Beyond the surface of material offerings, our personalised gifts encapsulate thoughtfulness, shared memories, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Discover why these personalised gifting items hold a special place in the hearts of both givers and receivers.

  • Meticulous Customisation: Personalised gifts from The Signature Box add a layer of thoughtfulness to your gesture. By incorporating names, special dates, or heartfelt messages, you create a unique and personal connection with the recipient, creating the best women's gift or creative custom gifts for him. It showcases the effort you put into selecting a customized gift that goes beyond the ordinary.
  • Symbol of Shared Memories: Our Customised gifts become more than just material possessions; they transform into symbols of shared memories, turning into things like cherished personalized birthday presents, anniversary gifts to wife, unique Valentine's Day gifts, wedding couple gifts, and standout traveller accessories. Each item serves as a tangible reminder of precious moments, turning a simple gift into a cherished memento that evokes joy and nostalgia. 
  • Flawless Attention to Detail: The personalisation process of our skillfully crafted meaningful gifts will demonstrate your rigorous attention to detail. Choosing a customised gift reflects your understanding of the recipient's personality, preferences, and the small nuances that make them special enough to receive the best ever gifts.
  • Wide Variety Across Gift Categories: Our Personalised gifts come in a diverse range, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any occasion. From personalised passport covers to customised laptop bags, they fit into any presents list be it beautiful gifts for fiance, personalised gifts for mom on Mother’s Day, customised gifts for men, useful gifts for the travelers, unusual gift ideas for ladies, or birthday customized gifts for friends.
  • Sustainable Luxury with Cruelty-free vegan leather: Our commitment to creating the best gifts in the world ensures that the use of cruelty-free vegan leather extends beyond sustainability. Whether it's for meaningful gift boxes for women, gift hampers for men, or other leather-forward products like customized laptop bags, our ethically sourced vegan leather ensures stylish custom gifts without compromising your values.
  • Lasting Tokens of Remembrance: Unlike conventional gifting things that may lose their appeal over time, personalised gifts often become ageless keepsakes. They stand the test of time, becoming enduring symbols of the connection you share with the receiver of your customized gift. Personalised leather gifts from The Signature Box ensure that these sweet tokens of memory stay with you for a lifetime. 

Explore the most remarkable customized gifts at The Signature Box. Present with intention, commemorate with significance, and allow us to be your partner in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary memories through purposeful, ethical leather gifts.


  • Why are Personalised gifts special?

Personalized gifts are special because they add a unique touch, showcasing thoughtful consideration. By incorporating their name or a unique charm, these meaningful gifts set you apart from usual simple gifts. Tailoring the custom gift to someone's preferences or commemorating shared memories makes it a cherished token of affection.

  • Which is the best site for customised gifts in India?

The Signature Box is the best premium gifting site for cruelty-free, vegan, customised leather gifts in India.

  • What sets The Signature Box's personalized gifts apart?

Our commitment to premium quality, ethical practices, and a diverse range of exclusive customizations in personalised gifts sets us apart. With glowing reviews, we have become a trusted choice for memorable and meaningful gifts. Our personalised leather gifts stand out due to exceptional craftsmanship, sustainable vegan leather, and exclusive customizations. Each latest gift item reflects a commitment to quality, making them enduring symbols of shared affection.

  • Is the vegan leather used in your products truly cruelty-free?

Yes, our commitment to sustainability includes ethically sourced vegan leather for our customized gifts. Rest assured that our products, including all leather gifts, prioritize both style and ethical practices.

  • Are these gifts suitable for various occasions?

Absolutely! Our All Products collection spans occasions, from Christmas gifts to New Year gift for girlfriend or boyfriend to Karwa Chauth gifts for wife to personalised wedding presents to unique Valentine's Day gifts. Find thoughtful ladies gift ideas, presents for an anniversary, or men's personalized gifts to simply express your appreciation.

  • What is the best gift to give to a guy?

The men in your life deserve to feel special with meaningful gifts. Personalized presents for him are the best way to show that appreciation. Our top recommendations for custom gifts for him include custom men’s wallets, business card holders, customized laptop bags, and personalised gift hampers for men

  • What gifts do women like the most? 

Women like thoughtful gifts that show effort. Female gift ideas should display the careful method of selection that went into determining the most suitable gifts for her. Our top recommendations for exemplary gifts for women include customized handbags, personalised passport covers, and custom combo gifts. 

  • How does corporate gifting work at The Signature Box?

We house the best corporate gift ideas in our collection. Explore our custom corporate gifts including stellar corporate gift hampers, customized laptop bags, and personalised card holders. For bulk corporate gifts, inquire about our corporate gifting services, ideal for gifting to colleagues, clients, or bosses with a touch of sophistication.

  • How do I ensure the timely delivery of my personalized gifts?

We strive to provide a seamless experience through our online gift delivery options. To ensure that your personalised gifts reach you in time, place your order well in advance, especially during peak seasons. 

  • Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Doesn’t matter if you’re searching for awesome gifts for wife,  or simply gifting personalised items to your loved ones, we have a policy of offering 100% free shipping on orders above Rs. 500.

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