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Luxury Passport Holder
Rs. 1,190.00
Brown Coral Blue Hot Pink Rosegold Red Wine Light Blue Light Pink Black Orange Magenta Mustard Grey Beige Dark Blue Gold Dark Pink Green Lilac Dark brown Love to Travel Black Marble White Marble Black Glitter Rust Glitter Gold Glitter + 23 more
Luxury Business Card Holder
Rs. 990.00
Brown Rosegold Dark Brown Black Grey Light Pink + 3 more
Luxury Passport Cover with Button
Rs. 1,140.00
Brown Black Blue Rosegold Red + 2 more
Luxury Travel Folder
Rs. 1,370.00
Brown Dark Brown Black Coral Blue Orange Light Pink Rosegold Magenta Wine Grey Dark Blue Red Light Blue Hot Pink Gold Glitter Rust Glitter + 13 more
Luxury Diary With Thread
Rs. 1,490.00
Brown with Beige Thread Dark Brown with Beige Thread Black with Beige Thread Black with Red Thread Black with Blue thread Grey with Pink Thread Grey with Blue Thread + 4 more
Luxury Diary With Button
Rs. 1,340.00
Brown Dark Brown Black Grey Dark Pink + 2 more
Luxury Pouch
Rs. 1,290.00
Wine Brown Orange Hot Pink Rosegold Black + 3 more
Luxury Big Pouch
Rs. 1,390.00
Brown Dark Brown Black
Luxury Sling Bag
Rs. 1,690.00
Light Pink Black Beige


Embark on a journey of luxury with our Luxe Collection at The Signature Box, where each item promises not just quality but a reflection of your distinct style. Whether you're looking to elevate your professional ensemble with a sophisticated office folder or seeking the perfect luxury gift that speaks volumes, our collection has it all. Crafted with cruelty-free, premium vegan leather, each product is a testament to sustainable luxury that doesn't compromise on style.

Each piece in our Luxe Collection is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that they are not only functional but also stylish. Our luxury diaries, available with buttons and thread details, are perfect for those who enjoy jotting down their thoughts in elegance. For the traveling professional, our luxury travel folders and laptop bags combine practicality with plush aesthetics, making them excellent high-end gifts for men and high-end gifts for women.

Whether you are looking for luxury gifts for men, thoughtful high-end gifts for women, or something unique for yourself, the Luxe Collection provides a diverse range of options to suit every taste and occasion. Our collection seamlessly blends elegance with functionality, offering luxury gifts for women and luxury gifts for men that are perfect for personalizing your or your loved ones' accessories.

Premium Gift Ideas for the Modern Man

Discover the perfect expression of appreciation with our curated selection of men's luxury gift ideas. Whether you're searching for an exquisite luxury present for him, a luxe gift for men, or a sophisticated high-end gift for guys, our Luxe Collection at The Signature Box offers an array of elegant choices. Elevate his style with our premium vegan leather accessories, customized to perfection with unique personal touches.

From sleek, personalized corporate gifts to deluxe travel gear, each item is designed to impart a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making every occasion memorable. These thoughtful, luxurious options are sure to impress the discerning man who values both functionality and finesse.

1. Luxury Passport Cover with Button: This luxury passport cover is an exceptional choice among expensive gifts for men who travel in style. Made from premium vegan leather with a secure button closure, it can be personalized with gold-plated, crystal-studded initials. It's not just practical, but a symbol of luxury and style, perfect for those seeking luxury gifts for guys.

2. Luxury Diary with Thread: For the man who values elegance and detail, this luxury diary is an ideal selection from gifts online. Wrapped in high-quality vegan leather and available with customizable thread stitching, it represents a thoughtful and costly gift for men who enjoy the finer things in life.

3. Luxury Pouch: Perfect for keeping personal items neatly organized, this luxury pouch stands out as a luxury gift for guys. Its versatile design and personalization options make it one of the more expensive gifts for men, suitable for those who appreciate functionality dressed in luxury.

4. Luxury Office Laptop Bag: This sophisticated laptop bag is designed for the discerning professional, making it one of the most sought-after expensive gifts for men. It offers practicality and elegance with its high-quality vegan leather and ample storage, making it a top choice for costly gifts for men.

5. Luxury Slim Laptop Bag: Tailored for simplicity and efficiency, this slim laptop bag is a prime example of luxury gifts for guys. Its sleek design and high-end materials make it an ideal gift for online shoppers looking to impress with a practical yet stylish present.

Must-Have Luxury Gifts for the Modern Woman

Discover the epitome of elegance with our exclusive selection of luxury gifts for women. Each item in our collection is crafted to convey a sense of sophistication and luxury, perfect for the special woman in your life. Whether you're shopping online or looking for that perfect personal touch, our array of high-end gifts offers something uniquely appealing and deeply personal.

For those who treasure uniqueness, our  customised gifts for women feature personalized options that allow you to add initials, names, or special charms. These thoughtful details make each gift not just a present but a memorable keepsake. From plush leather bags to stylish passport cases, each product is designed with impeccable taste and luxury in mind.

Our range includes beautifully crafted vegan leather accessories that combine style with sustainability, making them ideal high-end gifts for women. These pieces are not just gifts but statements of care and consideration, reflecting the thought you've put into choosing something that's environmentally conscious and chic.

Perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, our luxury collection is your go-to for gifts that are as impressive as they are luxurious. Shop with us online for convenience and a seamless purchasing experience, ensuring that you find the perfect high-end token of appreciation for the remarkable women in your life.

  • Luxury Travel Folder: An indispensable companion for the discerning traveler, this luxury travel folder combines elegance and functionality. Crafted from premium vegan leather and available in various colors, it's a perfect example of a luxury present for women who cherish organization and style during their travels. It's not just practical but a stylish statement, ideal for those who appreciate expensive presents.
  • Luxury Diary with Button: This exquisite diary, secured with a chic button closure and wrapped in luxurious vegan leather, makes for an ideal high-end gift for the meticulous planner. Its elegant design and functional appeal make it a top choice for women who value both aesthetics and practicality in their stationery, marking it as a refined and expensive present.
  • Luxury Tote Bag: Designed for the woman who moves seamlessly from business to social settings, this luxury tote bag blends spacious functionality with high-end fashion. Its superior material and craftsmanship qualify it as one of the most luxury presents, perfect for those looking to invest in a versatile and stylish accessory.
  • Luxury Sling Bag: This sleek sling bag is a fantastic choice for women who appreciate luxury presents that combine practicality with plush aesthetics. It’s a wonderful expensive present for anyone who values carrying their essentials in style, offering comfort, functionality, and a dash of luxury.
  • Luxury Passport Holder: Tailored for the globe-trotting woman, this luxury passport holder stands out as a high-end gift that’s both practical and stylish. The ability to personalize it with crystal-studded initials adds a personal touch, making it a cherished accessory for any woman who values luxury presents during her travels.

Memorable and Expensive Gifts to Spoil Your Girlfriend

Discover the ultimate expression of love and appreciation with our selection of expensive gifts for your girlfriend. From diaries to designer handbags and custom-tailored experiences, each gift is chosen to make her feel cherished and valued. Whether it's a special occasion or a spontaneous gesture, these lavish presents are sure to leave a lasting impression and show her just how much she means to you.

  • Luxury Big Pouch: This carry pouch in sleek vegan leather offers ample space for all travel essentials, combining functionality with stylish customizability for those who love to keep things organized yet fashionable.
  • Luxury Slim Laptop Bag: Designed in sophisticated hues, the Luxury Laptop Bag marries a sleek design with practicality, featuring compartments tailored for modern tech essentials, making it an ideal companion for professionals on the move.
  • Luxury Office Folder: This Luxury Office Folder is an elegant solution for organizing important documents, offering a touch of personalization and class for the office setting.
  • Luxury Business Card Holder: The Luxury Business Card Holder is a must-have accessory for networking professionals, offering a stylish and compact way to keep business cards in pristine condition. Available in several elegant colors including a rich brown and chic rosegold.
  • Luxury Office Laptop Bag: Merging durability with luxe design, the Luxury Office Laptop Bag is tailored to keep your technology secure in style. It features customizable options and high-quality vegan leather for a sophisticated professional look.

Elevate Business Relationships with Luxury Corporate Gifts

In the realm of business, the art of gifting not only reflects appreciation but also serves as a strategic tool for fostering lasting relationships. Luxury corporate gifts transcend the ordinary, offering a gesture that resonates with sophistication and thoughtful consideration. At The Signature Box, we understand that selecting costly gifts is not merely about the price tag—it's about delivering a message of respect and value to your esteemed clients and partners.

Why Choose Luxury Corporate Gifts?  

Choosing luxury gifts for your corporate connections underscores a commitment to excellence and distinction. In a world where first impressions and sustained engagements hold the key to business success, expensive gifts serve as a testament to your company's dedication to maintaining high standards. These high-end tokens are more than gifts; they are an investment in building a brand that's associated with quality and prestige.

Here are a few luxury gifts you can consider gifting your employees.

  • Luxury Office Folder  

The Luxury Office Folder is a standout choice among customised corporate gifts, tailored to enhance the professional setting with its superb quality and elegant appearance. This premium accessory serves not just a practical function but also signifies the luxury corporate gifts standard, making it a splendid representation of appreciation in a corporate environment.

  • Luxury Business Card Holder  

A Luxury Business Card Holder encapsulates the essence of luxury gifts, providing a sleek, functional, and stylish way to keep business contacts organized. Its refined design and superior construction reflect a commitment to costly gifts that not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the professional image of those who use it.

  • Luxury Office Laptop Bag  

The Luxury Office Laptop Bag aligns perfectly with the expectations for luxury corporate gifts, offering durability, style, and practicality. Ideal for professionals who demand both functionality and elegance, this bag demonstrates how customised corporate gifts can seamlessly integrate into and elevate the daily business routine.

  • Luxury Slim Laptop Bag  

This Luxury Slim Laptop Bag is designed for the discerning professional who values luxury gifts that combine minimalist design with maximum utility. It exemplifies how costly gifts can be both practical and prestigious, offering a subtle yet powerful statement of your company's dedication to quality and luxury in every detail.


1. Are expensive gifts better? While expensive gifts often denote high quality and exclusivity, the true value of a gift often lies in its thoughtfulness and personalization. At The Signature Box, we specialize in luxury presents that combine both elegance and individual significance, making every customized gift feel special, regardless of its cost.

2. What is the demand for personalized gifts? The demand for personalized gifts is substantial and growing, as they offer a unique touch that mass-produced items cannot match. The Signature Box caters to this trend with a selection of high-end gifts that can be customized to reflect the recipient's personality, making each gift a cherished luxury present.

3. Where can I find gifts online? For those seeking luxury gifts online, The Signature Box is your premier destination. We offer a variety of sophisticated and costly gifts that can be easily selected, personalized, and sent directly through our website, ensuring a seamless gifting experience.

4. Can I gift someone online? Yes, gifting someone online is straightforward with The Signature Box. You can choose from a wide range of luxury presents, personalize them according to your preferences, and have them delivered directly to the recipient, making it easy to give thoughtful and high-end gifts no matter the distance.

5. What are the most expensive gifts? The most expensive gifts typically include items that offer luxury and exclusivity. At The Signature Box, you can find costly gifts such as bespoke leather goods, designer fashion accessories, and luxury personalized stationery, all crafted to offer an unmatched level of sophistication and style.

6. What to gift a rich girl? For a rich girl with discerning tastes, opt for unique, personalized items that reflect a sense of luxury and attention to detail. Luxury gifts such as custom passport covers, high-end handbags, or personalized luxury travel accessories from The Signature Box can make perfect presents, offering both exclusivity and personal relevance.

7. What is a luxury gift for your friend? A luxury gift for a friend should be something that marries elegance with personal significance. The Signature Box offers a range of options, from personalized diaries and luxury sling bags to custom leather pouches, each serving as a thoughtful luxury present that conveys both affection and luxury.

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