If you are a diary lover, then it’s nothing new when you go to a shopping mall to buy groceries but always come back with a new notebook. You love collecting notebooks but sometimes don’t know how to put them to their best use. And we are sure, a lot of you guys also face the same confusion! 

Therefore, we found out ways you can use your Signature Diary (that can be customized with name & free charm!) 

Let’s go!

8 Ways to Use Personalized Diary Creatively 

Bullet Journal 

Bullet journals are an old trend, making a comeback nowadays. Bullet journals are helpful for keeping track of your plans, schedule, habits, etc. It totally depends on person to person what they would like to include in their customized diary


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Generally, personalised bullet journals consist of a monthly view- that helps you check plans for the particular month, a mood tracker- in simple words, it is a colorful version of your daily mood, a weekly layout- this will consist of all your plans and duties you have in a particular week. 

You can also include a sleep tracker to track your sleep time, an event list or simply even record shows you would like to watch or a book you want to read. 

The Sketchbook

The best part about your personal diary is that it comes with blank pages. You can use this personalized diary to color and sketch your emotions. Grab a cup of hot coffee or sit by the sunset, you can always get a little creative with it. Creativity is a healthy exercise for our minds. And what better stress buster than sketching. 

Right from your portraits to painting simple scenery, you can play with the colors and fill your personal journal with them.  Then may it be related to a special occasion, a special person, or just you drawing about your day, sketching in your customized diary will always keep you creative and stress-free. 

Travel Journal 

As much as we love collecting stamps on my passport, we also love maintaining a travel journal. A personalized diary, full of memories and life. Each time you go to a new place you can document it. 

Click pictures, paste them! You can also use polaroid photos to give it a funky look. A diary journal is a must-do! You can write about your experience and the specialty of the destination as a whole. Finally, it will be a treasure you would never want to lose. 


Customised Diary With Button


You may also use it as a diary for your poems, a recipe book you can rely on or simply a doodle customised notebook. Well, then go grab The Signature Box's Customised Diary and start styling it the way you want to. Don’t forget to stay creative and travel more while you keep sketching, writing, or journaling in your signature diary.

The Stamp Diary

We are sure every one of us loves traveling, and along with traveling comes collecting souvenirs. You may like collecting fridge magnets or foreign currency. But in this new era of emails, let's go a little old school by collecting some interesting stamps of foreign countries. 

You can style your customised leather diary by pasting postal stamps of the countries that you have visited so far. Wouldn’t it be interesting? It will always be a memory you treasure forever. 

You can also pen down a gist of your travel experience in our name diaries. If not, you can write about the history of the place. This way it also becomes very interesting and full of knowledge.

Daily Events

Some people prefer to keep track of their daily events. They love writing about the little details of their day. It’s considered to be a very healthy habit to keep a track of our daily life on a page. 

If you are a person who loves doing this,  maybe you can consider writing in a leather diary every day. It also gives you freedom and space for thoughts and emotions. Let them flow without any stops like a river continuously. 


Personalised Hard Bound Diary


Maintaining a personalised leather diary will not just keep you stress-free but also keep you mentally healthy.  You can write about your special life events, daily drama, some fun travel trips and more in your journaling diary. This will also act like a diary full of your memories and feelings.

Expense Tracker

For people like me who are bad at math or who always tend to lose money and still don't know where it goes- this is the best idea! You can develop a habit of tracking your daily or monthly expenses to know what and where did you spend money. 

(We are sure it will always be mostly on shopping and food, or more customized diaries from The Signature Box :P). 

This habit will also help you plan your expenses better. You may also cut down your expenses by reducing unnecessary spending. Start by recording small and daily expenses every day in your leather diary. Even though we cannot promise that it will save a lot of money in your bank, but you at least know where did you spend your money. 

Goals Diary

They say that writing your goals down is, in fact, taking one step towards it. Writing your dreams and ambitions is always a healthy habit. It helps you draw a road map to your aim. This will help you grow step by step. 

Whatever your dreams or goals might be, big or small take one step at a time. You can record your progress and set rewards each time you complete a milestone. Also, you can save important information related to your dreams with the help of our customised diary with name.

Memory Scrapbook

Remember, as kids we used to make scrapbook projects full of stickers, stars and ribbons. Well, those were a school project, but you can still enjoy and be creative with your personalized leather diary by making a memory scrapbook. 

A customised journal, full of photos and your special life events. You may fill it with your birthday pictures, your achievements, or even just about special someone- there are many ways. 

Made out of high-quality vegan leather, people will never fail to notice a stylish customized diary with name from The Signature Box. And don't worry about running out of pages. We offer page refills for this Diary available at The Signature Box

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But this diary will surely take you on a ride through your memory lane and you can simply cherish these moments for a lifetime.  Also, it will keep your creative and soulful at the same time.