As we entered our new normal life, each of us took a roller coaster ride to get used to the changes. The new normal made us appreciate the small things in life. From having a virtual meeting to connect with all your school mates to attending a digital conference at work, it rendered us nostalgic about desks and benches. Nonetheless, work from home was a choice of few, it became a necessity for many more. From all the Monday hues to the ‘Thank God, it’s Friday’ blues, valuable efforts have been put in by each and everyone of us to keep going, come what may.
Just like both the wheels are important for a bicycle to move ahead steadily, satisfaction of both the customers and employees leads to growth of an organization. Fabulous and appropriate gifts act as a token of appreciation for all the persistent efforts they have put in.
So, this festive season, express your gratitude towards them in a distinctive fashion. Continue reading to celebrate this notion with The Signature Box:

Channel your inner ‘Monica Geller’:
Right organisation tools will strike an optimum balance between comfort and professionalism. Being organized is crucial as it not only saves time but also boosts productivity. Got a heap of documents scattered? Dozens of cards spilling out of your wallet? The Signature Box is here to make it simple!
Our personalized business card holder and cheque book holder would do wonders, in helping you organise all your cards. Need support organising your daily activities? Want to keep track of your daily schedules and meetings, The Signature Box personalised diary sets are a lifesaver!

Black & White is gone, let the colours sparkle:
Just like a cool breeze in summer, having some endearing tech accessories around you, keeps the mood vibrant and lifted. Ever since the digital revolution, laptops and phones have become our companions. Give your employees a refreshing outlook on their technology. From phone covers to laptop bags, The Signature Box provides unique and personalized designs for all. One can never have enough designs and colours for their technology, can we?
Newton wasn’t the only one to see an apple fall, but his unique outlook to led to him being one of the greatest scientists of the Era. Everyone brings their own uniqueness and adds to the success of a company. Visit The Signature Box’s website to discover vegan, personalised, unique and durable mementos of appreciation for your employees and office colleagues -