Recently Greece was in news.

I read an article stating Greece is out of Eurozone bailout program. Okay! But that’s not the news I am looking for.

Did these past years of financial turmoil in the country hinder any of its beauty? Did it affect tourism? The answer is simply No!

Greece, a southern European country, is a spectacle of the region. Its timeless beauty split across its innumerable islands has bought it the distinction. A tooth-wrecking 6000 islands form the Greek archipelago, of which a little more than 200 are inhabited.

Athens, the Greek ancient city, is the capital and its biggest city followed by Thessaloniki.

The eloquent, unending white sand beaches compel you to have this destination in your travel diary. The spellbound architecture, crystal clear waters, flaunting seas and palatable cuisine entice to take this epic journey.

The islands are separated by turquoise-clear waters of Aegean Sea on the east, Ionian Sea on the west and Mediterranean Sea on the south.

The coastal climatic conditions make it a perfect place to soak in unabated sunlight and fresh ocean winds throughout the year.

The sandy beaches, covered coves and pebble seafronts make it one picturesque
We break this article into what all beaches/islands one should visit on their trip to Greece.
It is interesting to note that many of the Greek Beaches have been awarded Blue Flags of Europe Program, signifying they comply with environmental guidelines and thus do not distort the ecological balance. These beaches not only offer swimming, but also Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Sailing and Water Skiing.

Surf through the list of Greek Island / Province which should be on a must visit list.

1. Rhodes
One of the most visited Greek islands, Rhodes has many beaches tagged under Blue Flags Program.

Beach: Tsampika Beach, an 800m sandy stretch located on the Aegean Sea Coast

2. Corfu
The northernmost island of Greece, Corfu is generally referred as ‘Garden Isle, as it houses a number of bushes, orchids and flowers. The presence Venetian, French & British pose a remarkable architecture in the island.

Beach: Kavos Beach, a sandy beach in the southern tip of the island

3. Halkidiki: A peninsula in northern Greece, known for its food and cultural heritage. It is also home to Aristotle’s birthplace, Stageira.

Beach: Posidi Lighthouse, a 2-km long sandy beach with colonial era lighthouse

4. Crete: The largest and the southernmost island of Greece is a paradise for beach lovers with rugged peaks and valleys with olives. It has some best secluded and sparsely populated beaches to have your ‘us’ time in the sands.

Beach: Elafonisi Beach, showing off a pink-tinged sand (as legend says, it was the blood of martyr’s that got mixed with the sand, hence pink)

5. Zakynthos: It is the southernmost of the 6 Ionian Islands trending amazing
vegetation, Blue Flag beaches and turquoise water. The white pebble waterfronts,
stunning views and affordability make it one of the hotbeds of tourist destination.
The island is also referred as ‘Il fiore di Levante’ or ‘Flower of the East’.

Beach: Shipwreck or Navagio Beach (accessible by boat) on the north-western part of the island surrounded by limestone cliffs

6. Alonnisos: Lying on east to the Greek mainland, the island has springs, herbalists, orchards and many second-home-owners from across the world, with strong British and Italian presence.

Beach: Kokkinokastro (Red Castle) Beach, a very peaceful and calm beach, adjacent to a red cliff

Head over to this sublime destination for your next vacations as you are sure to get enough vitamin-sea!