Welcome to the city of love and romance.

Paris is the darling capital of the world. Love flourishes, melodies rhyme, music elevates!

The aura of the French capital is just pulling. The charm of romantic Eiffel Tower, the boulevards, the beautiful landscapes all call for an evening in Paris!
The briskly flowing Seine river makes the majestic setup complete. The dreamy river fronts make you hop on a boat cruise or walk arm-in-arm.

All of this can be enjoyed only if your gastronomic aspirations are satisfied. Hunger Pangs spoil the party if not timely death with.

But fret not, French cuisine will never disappoint you. It is at your service dine-in & out!

But to satisfy your roaring stomach, a plus is always welcomed. Desserts are the soul-quenchers that act as a topping to complete your food experience.
If you have a sweet tooth, you must stick here to read on. French are fond of Macaroons, Crepes, Chouquettes, Crème Brulee, Pound Cakes, Pastries, Chocolates, Ice-Creams and the list is endless, just like the cravings!

Have a go at their desserts and fill the Parisian romanticism in air with the sweet glands floating around. Share the joy with your amour de ma vie!

Dive in as we take you to the sugar bowls of French Capitol!

1) Amorino

Legacy: Started in 2002, an Ice-cream specialist, they use only organic ingredients to provide a natural taste to all the flavors. They treat their flavors as perfumes, scented to perfection.

What should I have? Focaccina – Brioche topped with an ice cream
Location: 47 rue Saint-Louis-en-I’lle, 4e Arrondisement


2) Laduree

Legacy: Established in 1862, a luxury French baker, they are known for their double-

decker macaroon. The brand also sells chocolates, pastries & ice-creams.
What should I have? Sorbet cup strawberry, Iced-macaroon cocoa-vanilla
Location: 75 Avenue des Champs-Elysees


3) Glacier Berthillon

Legacy: Founded in 1954, this supreme French baker had its doors opened with all the sweetness. Adorned for generations, they are famous for mouth-licking sorbets.

What should I have? Sorbet Mirabelle & Granola Poilane
Location: 29-31 rue Saint-Louis-en-I’IIe

4) Pierre Herme

Legacy: A popular French chef, known for providing some premium & exotic pound cakes, frozen, sorbets, chocolates and macaroons.

What should I have? Pound Cake Satine

Location: 72 rue de Bonaparte, 6 th Arrondisement

5) Christophe Roussel

Legacy: One of the most prominent outlets known for gluten-free ice-creams, CR is a must visit on your dessert profile. They serve a variety of ice-creams, macaroons, chocolates and pastries. They display an allergy chart across their stores, just in case you have any.

What should I have? Blue Soft Fruits Pie

Location: 5 rue Tardieu

6) La Creperie Bretonne

Legacy: Sweetening the city since 1937, this family-owned chain has been serving some fresh crepes (thin pastry). They come in 2 variants: Sweet Crepes & Savory Galettes.

What should I have? Chestnut cream crepe

Location: 48 rue Mouffetard

7) Framboise Crepes

Legacy: Known for their expertise in crepes, this is must hop sweet destination if you are looking for authentic French desserts.

What should I have? Chocolate Maison Crepe

Location: 7 th rue de Ponthieu

The above list outlines the finest ones in Paris. It certainly doesn’t end here.

The city is dotted with numerous outlets that offer satisfaction to your sweet-
tooth’s !!

We bet you got to explore the city and its desserts.