All set to tick off the grand list of Vday gifts? Valentine's Week Days are the perfect time to express your feelings in the most special way possible. The Lovers Week is a marvellous celebration of love. This celebration isn't just limited to Valentine's Day itself; it extends into a week filled with unique themes and heartfelt emotions.  

While Valentine's Day is undeniably the highlight, the week leading up to it is the ground upon which successful Valentine's Day surprises occur. When each day is dedicated to a unique theme of love, your Valentine week gifts become a guaranteed hit. 

This year, step away from the generic Valentines Day presents. Explore personalised gifts from The Signature Box where we go beyond the ordinarily good Valentine's gifts and let you enjoy the benefits of distinctly great Valentines gifts

Let our handpicked goodies from the Valentine’s Day Gifts Collection, affectionately selected for Lovers Week 2024, invite a stronger bond of love into your relationship. Join us as we explore the different days that lead up to this year’s Valentine’s Day and what personalised Valentine gift might suit each occasion the best. 

The Significance of Valentine's  Week: Which day is 7 February to 14 February?

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated as the day of love. However, the 7 days of Valentine include all days from 7 February to 14 February. These days serve as a stepping stone for that final joyful step to Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine's Week, a captivating voyage beginning with Rose Day and leading to the summit of Valentine's Day, holds immense significance in nurturing romantic connections and fostering heartfelt expressions of love. Each day carries a unique symbolism, fostering emotional bonds and expressions of love. 

Rose Day initiates the week with the exchange of roses, setting the tone for affection. Propose Day date encourages individuals to openly convey their feelings, strengthening the foundation of potential relationships.

Chocolate Day, rooted in historical luxury, sweetens bonds with delectable treats, while Teddy Day adds a cuddly dimension, symbolising comfort and companionship during the Valentine's Day week.

Promise Day emphasises commitment, Hug Day promotes physical closeness, and Kiss Day celebrates the intimate act of peeking into each other’s soul through the act of kissing. 

Valentine's Day, the pinnacle, honours love's universal essence, uniting couples in expressions of devotion and reaffirmation of deep emotional ties, making the entire lovers week a memorable celebration of romantic love.

It wraps up the week-long exuberant celebration of love in all its forms. 

The Ultimate Valentine's Week List: Your Guide to All Special February Days

Name of the Event



Personalised Valentine Gift Idea

Rose Day



Printed Travel Folder 

Propose Day



Personalised Pouch

Chocolate Day



Customised Keychain (Set of 3)

Teddy Day



Personalised Wallets 

Promise Day



Personalised Diary With Thread

Hug Day



Personalised Earphone Holder

Kiss Day



Customised Fashion Gift Set

Valentine’s Day



Personalized Couple Passport Cover

A Personalised Gifting Guide For All Feb Love Days of 2024

Rose Day - 7th February 2024, Wednesday

The tradition of giving roses on Rose Day dates back to the Victorian era when different coloured roses conveyed different meanings, from red signifying love to yellow signifying friendship. Today, it marks the beginning of Valentine's Week, symbolising affection, admiration, and the start of a romantic journey.

Have a type-T travel enthusiast as a partner? The Printed Travel Folder is the custom Valentine's Day gift that will speak to their soul. Crafted with wanderlust in mind, this folder is a Vday gift that is a canvas for your one-of-a-kind love story.

Easily fitting as a Valentines gift for hubby, a Valentines present for wife or even as a Valentine's day gift for a best friend, it immortalizes the romantic adventures you've shared. 

Compact and handy, the personalised travel folder is a part of those rare lovers day gift ideas that’s forever in an incandescent bloom much like the beloved red roses. Explore more travel gifts and capture the radiance of Valentine’s Day. 



Printed Travel Folder



Propose Day - 8th February 2024, Thursday 

Inspired by the age-old tradition of proposing love, Promise Day allows individuals to express their feelings openly, fostering the courage to confess and embark on a soulful relationship.

A day of commitment, this Valentine week’s day allows couples to express their devotion and dedication to each other, strengthening the foundation of their relationship.

What better way to preserve memories of a lifetime than with a Personalised Pouch that’s made specifically with your person in mind? This pouch is a Valentines Day present that’s more than a stylish accessory; it's a fashion gift that’s a symbol of the meticulous precision of your holiday gift-giving traditions. 

Choose from an array of stunning colours and customise it with your partner’s name or initials to create a lovers day special gift. Let this eye-catching propose day gift introduce your partner to durable, easy comfort.  


Mulitpurpose Pouch



Chocolate Day - 9th February 2024, Friday 

With roots in the Aztec era, when chocolate was considered a symbol of love and luxury, Chocolate Day sweetens relationships, offering a delicious way to convey care and delight. Chocolate Day in Valentines week adds a delectable touch to relationships, offering a delightful opportunity to express love through the effortless irresistibility of chocolates.

Unlock the door to your loved one's heart with the Customised Keychains. This Chocolate Day, make your Vday gifts for him stand out by letting these stylish keychains accompany those sweet treats.  Known to be one of the most affordable Valentine gift ideas, they’re a sweet surprise that goes wherever your loved one goes. 

A popular Valentines gift for gf, the personalised keychains can be attached to keys, bags, or even used as an elegant zipper pull on a jacket. The endearing customisation makes this particular Valentines gift set a budget-friendly favourite amongst our customers. 


Personalised Keychain



Teddy Day - 10th February 2024, Saturday  

Teddy bears, known for their softness and comfort, gained popularity in the early 20th century. Furry and cuddly, February’s Teddy Day brings warmth to relationships with the exchange of teddy bears, signifying comfort and affection.

Teddies are a classic in every schedule for Valentine week. Why not let the soft plushies tag along with the usefulness of personalised wallets? Our customized wallet for men and women’s personalised wallet are both excellent options if you’re shopping for Valentines gifts for men or Valentines gifts for women

By choosing this particularly graceful personalised Valentine gift, you ensure that every time your loved one reaches for their distinctive customized wallet, they'll be greeted by a subtle yet powerful reminder of your enduring love. 


Men's Wallet




Promise Day - 11th February 2024, Sunday 

Rooted in the essence of commitment, Promise Day encourages couples to make sincere promises to nurture their relationship, adding a sense of trust and reliability to their love. Promise Day ideas allow couples to express their devotion and dedication to each other and strengthen the foundation of their relationship.

Lend a hand to your loved one by helping them jot down their thoughts, emotions, and desires in The Signature Box’s Personalised Diaries. The customized diary is one of those meticulous promise day gift ideas that keeps giving. 

Whether you’re searching for superb Valentines ideas for boyfriend or a special Valentines gift for gf, this diary is a part of the elite personalised leather gifts that fit all occasions from birthdays to anniversaries and spread smiles everywhere they go.

With every stroke of the pen, this personalised diary carves your promises in gold to create a cute custom Valentine's Day gift that symbolizes the ethereal glow of your love. 


Office Diary




Hug Day - 12th February 2024, Monday 

Hug Day has its origins in the therapeutic benefits of hugging. It promotes closeness, security, and the expression of love through warm and comforting embraces. Embracing intimacy, Hug Day encourages physical closeness, fostering a sense of security and connection through warm and affectionate hugs.

Give your spouse the hug of efficiency with a Personalised Earphone Holder that highlights their name in the front and centre. Taking up a hefty chunk of our easy, affordable Hug Day gift ideas, the handy earphone holder is a great gift for anybody that you think deserves some extra love on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s a unique Valentine's Day gift that can be carried around easily, tossed into a bag, or proudly displayed on a desk. Easy and accessible, the Earphone holder is a fantastic Valentines day present that ensures your love is always within arm's reach for your loved one. 


Personalised Luggage Tag




Kiss Day - 13th February 2024, Tuesday

With historical roots in various cultures, Kiss Day celebrates the intimate act of kissing as a powerful expression of love and passion, deepening the emotional connection between partners. Kiss Day celebrates love through physical affection and serves as a reminder of the love you share. 

The Customised Fashion Gift Set is a well-known gifting essential here at The Signature Box. Its versatility is just one of the reasons why it’s hailed as one of the best online Valentine gifts of all time.

Containing gifting must-haves like a custom travel folder, a personalised clutch, a personalised keychain, a personalised card holder and a customised earphone holder, the Valentine week gift set is in a league of its own when it comes to finding the best Valentines gifts be they Vday gifts for him or a Valentine day gift for her

Throughout the years we’ve seen this Valentines hamper packed as a best friend’s Valentine gift, a gift of Valentines for daughters, and even as a hamper of Valentines gifts for mom. It's one of those iconic Kiss Day gifts that are a symphony of warmth translated into the language of fashion.

Customised Fashion Gift Set



Valentine’s Day - 14th February 2024, Wednesday

Famously thought to be traced back to the Roman festival of Lupercalia, Valentine's Day commemorates St. Valentine, a martyr who symbolised love.

The grand culmination of Valentine's Day celebrates love in its entirety, uniting couples in a day of heartfelt expressions, thoughtful gestures, and the reaffirmation of deep-rooted emotional connections.

An epic Valentine’s Day celebration deserves a lovers day gift that stays with your partner no matter where they are. Our personalised couple passport holders have a special place in our tally of couples Valentines gifts.

Crafted for the wanderer, these customized passport covers tick every box in the checklist of the perfect Valentines gifts for women or savvy Valentines presents for men

Additionally, they’re also a great Valentines gift for long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend who may be separated by miles but not by the love you share.

Whether jet-setting around the globe or tucked away as a cherished Vday gift, these passport covers add a nostalgic sophistication to your adventures, making them a wonderful surprise gift for Valentine Day.


Customised Passport Cover




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The 7 days to Valentine's play a crucial role in welcoming the day of love. They’re more than a mere countdown to Valentine's Day; they’re a week-long celebration of shared memories, promises, and the profound connection between two hearts. Each day, from Rose Day to Kiss Day to Valentine's Day itself, holds a memorable theme that amplifies the spectrum of emotions shared by you and your beloved. Vivid Vday gifts offer something beyond the norm during those Valentines week days.

The Signature Box will help you elevate your gifting game for the lovers week. Treat your spouse to a wholesome experience rather than a forgettable Valentine week gift. Browse our range of products to explore all Valentines gift ideas.

Our carefully curated collection is not just a series of thoughtful presents but a testament to the depth and sincerity of your bond. We serve as a home to the top Valentine's gifts, from best valentines presents for him to awesome valentines day gifts for her, that are lovingly personalised as per your preferences. 

Shop today and let the magic of personalized Valentine's Day gifts give new wings to your relationship.