The upcoming festive season is a sign that we need a break to treat ourselves and disconnect from the world for a while to find our energy. Use the festivities as a way to treat yourself and show some appreciation for the work you’ve put into yourself! 

And, what's a better way to show yourself some love than gifting yourself unique personalized gifts that match your OOTD and your personality at the same time!
Here are a few excellent customised gift ideas to buy for yourself as a way to say “thank you” and appreciate yourself!

Your gadgets need a makeover!

Ever since the pandemic, we’ve created a virtual world and our gadgets lie at the crux of it all. 

Your laptop has been your trusty companion throughout the lockdown, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones and work remotely from the safety of your home. It's time to give your device the appreciation it deserves by giving it a makeover with a personalized laptop sleeve


Personalised Slim Laptop Bag


A laptop sleeve not only protects your device but also adds a touch of style to your power look.

Add some extra protection! Say thanks to your iPad by getting it a uniquely customized ipad case and make all your tech gadgets match your personality with signature accessories!

Pink Floral Printed Leather Laptop Sleeve

Sprinkle some fashion on family time!

Festivities mean lots of guests, lots of family time and lots of fun. Make these casual visits to relatives stylish by carrying your very own personalised sling bag and a complimenting name wallet to tie the whole look together. 


Black Colour Personalised Sling Bag

Enjoy these precious moments with family but make them fashionable with The Signature Box’s personalised combo gift sets and gift hampers that become an ambassador of your personal style!

Say safety with style!

You need to stay absolutely safe and healthy during this crucial time but that doesn't mean you compromise on your safety. Keep washing your hands or sanitising them in order to stay safe from the virus. 

As a constant reminder to do that, gift yourself a personalised sanitiser pouch and carry it along with you wherever you go!

Dark Blue Personalised Sanitizer Pouch

Show yourself some love by treating yourself to personalised gifts from The Signature Box and make your celebrations a way to take time out for yourself!