Personalised Sanitizer Pouch

Rs. 390.00 Rs. 490.00

Make sure your sanitizer bottles are clean too! Here, at Signature Box, you can find a wide range of sanitizer pouches that can be personalized with your initials. This sanitizer pouch is travel friendly and can be stored in your bag easily.

It’s waterproof, made from high-quality vegan leather and comes with a hook that makes it convenient to attach to your bags. Also, it is a great customized gift for your family and friends. 

What’s more? Each sanitizer pouch includes a reusable sanitizer bottle making it convenient to refill anytime, anywhere. 

Care Instructions
  • To prevent your leather laptop bag or leather pouches from getting distorted, avoid overfilling and stuffing it to its limit. Carry only as much as it would allow.
  • To clean the customised gift, simply wipe it with a paper towel or a cotton towel
  • Store leather travel folder, laptop bag, pouch, and clutches in a cotton bag to prevent dust from settling in the zipper or on the bag
  • Make sure to keep all your leather goods ventilated
  • You may use moisture absorbers inside the leather bags/laptop bags/clutches/ to prevent mold from forming up