When is Raksha Bandhan?
Sunday, August 26th
Raksha Bandhan History – The fest of bond and love
Rakhi – a band of bond among siblings signifying love and respect. Sisters look at their brothers as a protective layer through life, both ritually and literally.
The history behind this tradition was to maintain relation and terms of a girl with her family even after her marriage. The brother acts as a guiding light to her sisters, vowing to be by her side.
We know you all love your siblings, but sometimes it gets hard to meet & greet them. You might have your heads beaten down till now in selection of gifts which you want to present hem on the occasion.
We have taken this challenge ourselves to salvage you from the hassle of selecting. Go through and we are sure you will pick one from our filtered list.
Thanks to the online world, you can send across your gifts and memoirs in a jiff to any part in the world they live in. (I just ordered one for my sister)
One click and you are done!
1. Women Grooming Kits – A perfect recipe to make her happy, comes with all the necessary boutique products she desires to look her beautiful best.
Featured Products: Manicure Kits, Toiletry Kits, Nail Tool Sets, Face Make-up Kits
2. Men Grooming Kits – The trending math behind males getting sharper with their appearances! The male grooming has picked up fair pace in past few years. Men are trying their shades out.
Featured Products: Beard Oils, Shaving Essentials Kit, Trimmers & Shavers
3. Gift Cards – The reason behind is very simple. They let a person buy stuff they wish with these easy-breezy gift cards. They come both in physical and electronic form. You can buy these from Amazon, Woohoo, Gyftr websites.
Featured Products: Physical Gift Cards, Digital Gift Cards
You can buy them online and have it delivered or emailed to the receiver’s address.
4. Signature Fragrances – This one is a signature favorite. Every person has a unique smell. They can be identified by the perfume they wear, strong, light, masculine, woody, enigma, active and other fragrances.
Featured Products: Perfumes, Deo sprays, Anti-Perspirant, Colognes
5. Dry fruits – The traditional choice in households probably coupled with sweets.
Featured Products: Cashews, Walnuts, Raisins, Dates, Hazelnut, Figs, Cranberries
6. Chocolates – The no-brainer favorite of any and everybody, be a child or adult. The indulgence with chocolates can never be substituted. You can select from combo boxes, bars, tray boxes, choco cups, gift packs etc.
Featured Products: Bars, Toffees, Gums, Jelly, Waffle Treat, Candies
7. Personalised Gifting Lifestyle Combos – One of our very own signature product, best suited for gifting on occasions. You can have corporate, travel or fashion products clubbed together. Browse through our selection and we would be happy to serve you.
Featured Products: Passport Covers, Keychains, Travel Folder, Diary, Clutch
Featured Brands: The Signature Box (Yeah! That’s us)
8. Plan a Travel – Travelling together is the one of our favorite option. It will be the best time you will spend with your sibling(s)
Having selected your best pick from the list, don’t forget to get a teeka / e-teeka on your foreheads.
Happy Raksha-Bandhan!
Keep gifting, spreading smiles and protecting your loved ones!