Personalised Luggage Tag

Rs. 270.00
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Luggage Tags are not only stylish but also serve the purpose of identifying your bags easily. Amplify the excitement of getting on a new journey with the classic Bag Tag from The Signature Box which can be beautifully customized with your name.

The personalised luggage tag has a clean design that creates a minimalistic yet effective look. 

If you know someone who travels frequently or knows an adventurer who loves to explore the world, the customized luggage tag makes the perfect thoughtful and personalized gift for traveling.  

Product Details

  • Dimensions - Length- 24 cm
  • Material - Synthetic Leather (Vegan)
Delivery Time
  • Shipping is free for all orders above Rs.500
  • A charge of Rs.75 is applied on all orders below Rs.500
  • Estimated Delivery Time : 4 to 8 working days
Care Instructions
  • The Baggage Tag should be handled with clean, dry hands.
  • To clean the leather luggage Tags, use Leather Cleaning Liquid and Microfiber Cloth.  
  • Try to wipe off stains (if any) at the earliest 
  • When not in use, store the Custom Bag Tags in bubble wrap or newspaper to maintain its shape and finish.
  • Store in a dry place away from moisture. 
  • Q1. Where to get Bulk Luggage Tags in India? Looking for bulk luggage tags? Shop for the best bulk customizable luggage tags from The Signature Box. We offer high-quality vegan leather customised products in India. 
  • Q2. Should I invest in wedding luggage tags? Absolutely yes. Luggage tags are somewhat of an essential necessity in weddings (especially destination weddings). Instead of spending money on one-time-use plastic/paper bag tags, you could invest in reusable leather customized luggage tags. This will not only help the guests to easily differentiate their bags but also makes for a thoughtful wedding memento for them. 
  • Q3. How Do I differentiate my luggage bags from the rest at the airport? Get a Customized Bag Tag! The luggage tags will help you to differentiate your luggage while adding to the style quotient. 
  • Q4. Can I Personalize any Luggage Tags? Yes, you can customize any luggage tags with a name available on The Signature Box. 
  • Q5. Are Suitcase Tags necessary? Although using paper tags with strings is outdated, it is still essential to have a luggage tag. A reusable Leather bag tag can help the airlines to keep track of your baggage and prevent it from being stolen or misplaced.