Personalized Couple Travel Folder

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Our Personalised Couple Travel Folder will never fail to amaze you. It helps you store your passport, ticket, boarding pass, cards, currency, etc., while you enjoy to the fullest. 

These trendy Travel Folders are made of high-quality vegan leather and can be customized with name and free charm. 

The Signature Box offers Personalized Travel Folders in a variety of colors and designs.  

Our Customized Couple Travel Wallets are packed in individual gift boxes which also makes them a great present for newlyweds, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion. 

Product Details
  • Free Charm will be placed above the name.
  • The Extra Charm -1 2 will be placed on the top right & left of both products.
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Dimensions: 21 * 10.2 cm
  • Packed in Two (Individual) Gift Boxes
  • Dispatched in 2-3 working days
  • Free Shipping PAN India

Note: Each Travel Wallet has a slot for only 1 passport

Care Instructions
  • Make sure to remove your documents before cleaning the cover. 
  • To clean the leather travel folder, simply wipe it with a paper towel or a cotton towel
  • Store the travel wallet in a cotton bag to prevent dust from settling in the zipper or on the bag
  • Make sure to keep all your Customised Travel folder ventilated
  • Make sure to wipe off any moisture or stain immediately
  • To prevent your Name Travel Wallet from getting distorted, avoid overfilling and stuffing it to its limit. Carry only as much as it would allow.
  • Q1. What is a travel folder useful for? A travel wallet is useful for storing a Passport, Boarding pass, Tickets, Coins, Cards, etc together while traveling.  
  • Q2. Why should we get couple wallets for travel? Couple Travel Wallets are a great way to store Passports, Cards, documents, etc. Travel folders are not only useful but also very stylish. Hence why just travel together when you can get Customized Couple Travel Wallets! 
  • Q3. What is the Best Gift for Newly Married Couples? Couple Travel Folders by The Signature Box is the most preferred gifting option for newly married couples. 
  • Q4. What is the cost of a Personalised Travel Folder Set? The Travel folder set price will depend on the design and shipping costs. You can check out The Signature Box for more information. 
  • Q5. What is the size of the Travel Document Folder? The personalized wallets for traveling have dimensions 21 * 10.2 cm. This is the optimum size to carry a passport, cards, cash, currency, etc.

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