More than traveling to a place it is the nitty-gritty of planning a trip which gives us goosebumps. The reality sinks in that we can set out somewhere for real. A place away from the monotony and the corporate humdrum.

Once you diligently plan a trip, with the whole itinerary and bookings, the next step is to pack for it. Certainly not a glorious task, but worry not. Here we help you out with a list of things which you should definitely include in your packing list.

These are the travel must-haves without which you should not pack your bags.

1. Passport Cover

There are a lot of things one packs for a trip. But one important thing which you need more than anything is your passport. It is the most important piece of document which makes it possible for you to travel. When you use a passport cover, you keep your passport safe and secure. It also saves your passport from wear and tear.

The Passport Covers from The Signature Box come in a variety of colors and you can customize it too. Give it your name with charm and make the cover your own. Carry it in a sling bag easily.

2. Luggage Tags

A Luggage Tag makes it easier for you to spot your luggage from the carrier. It makes your luggage look trendy and will definitely make some heads turn. The Signature Box has a range of classy luggage tags which can be personalized as per your needs.

3. Pouch

A Travel Pouch is your best companion on a trip. It can be used for storing a lot of things. From storing your toiletries to cosmetics, accessories, sunglasses, etc, you can also hide in some secret stash of cash in it. If you are stuck with an emergency then you know where your stash is. You can also store a travel size first aid kit in it.

This personalized pouch can easily fit into a bag too. The Signature Box has some trendy designs for these multipurpose pouches.

4. Travel Folder

You have to carry a few documents when you travel. It could be your plane tickets, passport, itinerary, your insurance papers, etc. How do you keep them safe and also handy?

You can use a travel folder. It is a multi-purpose folder with compartments to store your cards, passport, tickets, etc. It is sleek in design and fits in your handbag.

5. Eyewear Case

A style that meets the eye & eyewear case that keeps the style game on. Designed with the expertise to keep your expensive cool looking shades safe & handy. Available in trendy colors to make you look classy & be noticed anywhere & everywhere.

6. Sling Bag

A Sling bag is hands down the most convenient way to carry things which you need all the time. You can wear a cross-body sling bag which will not interfere with your backpack. Keep your most important items like a travel pouch or hairpins or sunglasses or travel size torch or a wallet in it.

A sling bag has enough space to store items which you need immediate access.
Available in a range of colors, these bags like other Signature Box products are personalized as per your needs. It has two big and one small compartment to keep your stuff.

7. Diary

A diary is a very unique item in itself. You can pen down your travel memoirs in this diary. You can also keep a record of your expenses or write down an emergency address and phone numbers in case you lose your phone. You can write down some local words which can help you communicate with the people of the country you are visiting. The Signature Box provides you with two types of options for diaries.

One is a string wrap diary and the second is a button one. You can choose what suits your style. Choose from a range of colors such as Fuchsia Pink, Brown, Grey, etc with your customization.

The above are the 7 must-haves which you should include in your packing list. The materials used by The Signature Box are of the highest quality. We believe in providing quality products with a touch of elegance.

So next time, if you need any travel must-have visit The Signature Box and go through our wide range of travel products, designed specifically to up your travel game. We do free shipping PAN India and dispatch your cool travel products in 2-3 business days.

Happy travels to you !!