Who doesn't love gifts? We feel special when someonesomeone gets a gift for us. This is always true in case of a traveler. We try and get souvenirs from our travels and also receive many from our friends and family. We cross someone's mind when they are away in another part of the world and that feels great.

So this Wedding season why not give your bestie a gift to remember? A gift which is useful too?

The Signature Box brings to you a range of gifting options which you can customise and give it a personal touch. A honeymoon is definitely on the card after the big fat wedding. So these travel gifts will come in handy. Whether it is a trendy luggage tag or a cute but pretty useful earphones holder, the product range is diverse and gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Check them out below.
Personalized Couple Passport Cover

1. Couple Passport Cover

A passport is the most important document. You certainly do not want your bestie to lose it while on the honeymoon. This Couple Passport Cover is the most useful gift for the couple. It can keep your passport safe. Both the ends of your passport can fit in nicely into the cover.
It works just like a book jacket and protects your passport from wear and tear. It comes in a range of colors and you can personalised it with the couple’s names.
The vibrant colors of the passport cover help you to locate it easily from all the luggage you carry. It is your best companion throughout the trip and can fit in the sling bags easily too.
Personalized Couple Passport Cover

2. Couple Travel Folder

A Travel folder is ready to hand accessory which everyone should carry. It has multiple compartments to fit in a lot of important things. Here we list a few things which you can safely keep in your travel folder.

 Tickets
 Boarding Pass
 Cash
 Coins
 Credit/Debit Card
 Emergency Contact

Our personalized, eye-catching couple travel folders come in chic colors and suit your travel mood. The added charms on it, make the gift more authentic.

3. Travel Essential Combo

Our Travel Essential Combo includes three travel accessories. A Travel Folder, a Keychain, and a Luggage tag. Flash your travel keychain on your handbag, even after you are back from the exotic vacation.
Organize important documents with the help of a travel folder and make your luggage check-in and check-out hassle free with a customised luggage tag.
With this Travel Essential Combo, you can gift your friend the best deal available in travel accessories. You can personalise all the three products and also add charms to it. Our range of charms is eclectic and can help compliment your friends personality.

4. All Travel Combo

As the name suggests, an All-Travel Combo is a holistic pack of the most useful travel accessories. Our All Travel Combo  includes a Passport Cover, Earphone Holder, Pouch, and a Keychain.
Earphone Holder helps keep your earphones from tangling and also make them easy to locate from all the luggage. A Travel Pouch is one of the most important things in your bag. It can be used for a lot of things.
Here we list a few uses of a Travel Pouch and what all you can store in it.
 You can store travel size toiletries
 Keep all your cosmetics and jewelry in here
 A stash of emergency cash
 You First Aid Kit can easily fit in a travel pouch
 You can use it as a wallet for small errands

These four products come in a range of colors and charms with personalised names. This is a perfect gift hamper to give away this wedding season.
Customize Luggage Tag

5. Couple Luggage Tags 

Gifting our super-cute Couple Luggage Tags is a sweet gesture which you can do for your best friend. Luggage Tags are a trend these days and why not give it a personal touch by adding some panache to it?
Your luggage tag will make it easy for you to spot your bag from the baggage carousel and will also make some heads turn in admiration. A Couple Luggage Tag will give a sense of togetherness to the couple on their honeymoon.
Choose from a wide array of colors and charms and make a perfect gift for your best friend.
Gift something quirky and sassy this Wedding season. Travel gifts are always useful and never go out of style. These products are designed keeping in mind the utility and ease of access needed by a traveler.
Let your gift stand out and make your best friend the happiest bride or groom on their wedding day.